Flat, fast and loads of fun.


The West End St. Patrick's Day 5k will be run on roads that are closed for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Last year more than 7,000 people lined the parade route and partied in front yards during the parade. You will have people cheering you on the entire route. And police will be manning the major intersections to prevent vehicles from entering the course.

View the course map. (You will be redirected to USA Track and Field.)

Race route:
The race will start at Liberty and Berks streets (between 23rd and 24th). You'll head east on Liberty to Albright, where you will cut north to Tilghman. You will head west on Tilghman to 25th Street, staying to the left of the cones that will be set up. (We will have a course marshal available to direct you.) You'll head south on 25th back to Liberty, then head east on Liberty past the start/finish area all the way to 19th Street. You'll go north on 19th to Tilghman, west on Tilghman back to 25th (this time staying to the right of the cones), south on 25th to Liberty, then turn the corner to the finish in front of Memorial Hall.

It's mostly flat (only very gradual inclines and declines) and fast. The course will be cleared of cars in preparation for the parade. You will have plenty of room to pass your competitors or run side-by-side with a friend.

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